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Add Omicron Exposure with Solid Dividends From These 12 Stocks Across 6 Sectors

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Investors now have an old foe to worry about. Despite our best efforts to contain and control the COVID-19 virus, Mother Nature has fought back and unleashed a new variant. Dubbed Omicron, the most recent version of the virus appears to be even more transmissible than previous variants and comes with a nasty list of symptoms. With that, several nations have already begun to lockdown, quarantine and restrict traveling once again. Investors have been selling stocks and preparing for the worst. It looks like we could be in for another long winter with COVID-19.

However, not all stocks are poised to suffer. In fact, several sectors offer the potential to see strong total returns – both dividends and capital gains – during the latest form of the pandemic.

Using our updated Dividend Safety Ratings system, Premium members can tap into our new Best Sector Dividend Stocks Lists and select the most lucrative stocks that provide a steady dividend and plenty of safety, as well as capital gains potential. While the new Omicron variant may restart the COVID-19 crisis, investors need not worry about our top sector picks.

You can check out the Best Sector Dividend Stocks Lists to explore all the stocks.

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