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Unlocking Monthly Dividends: A REIT with a 30-Year Track Record Enters the List

An engaging addition to the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks model portfolio is now spotlighted, featuring a well-covered large-cap equity Real Estate Investment Trust (eREIT). With a forward dividend yield of 5.34%, it ranks in the top 40% of dividend stocks, slightly below the eREIT industry average of 5.7%.


However, its impressive 30-year dividend increase track record, which ranks in the top 10% of dividend stocks, sets it apart.

Further, a beta of 0.79 suggests that its monthly returns are not correlated to equity markets, offering valuable diversification.

Don’t miss the next payout of an estimated $0.256 per share on or around August 16.

While forming our recommendation, we’ve also factored in key growth drivers and financial performance discussed by the company’s management during its Q2 earnings call held on Aug 3, 2023.

This holding is optimized for Yield Attractiveness and Dividend Safety, with lesser consideration for Returns Potential and Returns Risk among monthly payers. Discover the in-depth analysis that follows, illuminating the path for monthly dividend investors.

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