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4% Yield Single Tenant REIT Reaffirmed In Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List

Real estate continues to be one of the best ways to fight inflation. The combination of being a physical asset while having rents tied to rates of price growth makes owning real estate a top way to produce inflation-protected cash. Our latest Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List pick is an amazing example of this in action!

Our pick is one of the largest real owners in the nation, with a portfolio spanning over 10,000 different properties and 1,000 different tenants. The key has been its focus on single tenant, triple-net-leased buildings to boost margins. This huge portfolio of assets generates plenty in terms of cash flows for our pick.
And you can see just how inflation protected that cash is via its dividend. Our pick has raised its monthly payout more than 100 times in its history. The latest being a 0.2% monthly increase.

With a huge operating portfolio and the chance to grow further, our pick makes an ideal choice for investors to boost their monthly income. The next monthly distribution comes on Thursday, June 30 when it goes ex-dividend.

You can check out the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

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