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5.8% Yield Senior Living Property Owner Added to Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List

Rising longevity is a wonderful thing. However, it does create some problems. One is meeting all the demand for elder care. Demand for senior living facilities is growing at an exponential pace. Luckily, our latest Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List pick is meeting the challenge head on and rewarding shareholders along the way.

Our pick owns real estate in the senior living sector. By owning the buildings rather than operating the facilities themselves, our pick is able to reduce its risk, increase margins and boost its cash flows. But unlike several other stocks in the sector, our pick has a unique twist.

Our pick is considered a “hybrid” REIT. That is, it owns physical buildings through sale leaseback transactions as well as provides financing for projects and invests in mortgage debt. The combination creates a very diversified set of cash flow for its bottom line. A bottom line that has grown since its founding in 1992.

With senior living and longevity trends moving higher, our pick makes for a great play on future demand – one with a nearly 6% dividend yield.

In order to make room for our new hybrid REIT, we’ve been forced to remove a hard money lender from the portfolio.

You can check out the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

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