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6.25% Yielding Resort & Hotel Property Owner Reaffirmed in Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List

With the weather turning warmer, consumers are experiencing life outdoors again. Travel demand hasn’t budged one bit despite rising inflationary trends. For those firms in the travel & leisure sector, this post-pandemic boom has meant plenty of profits. And that includes our Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List pick. Our firm’s wide portfolio has continued to pay big benefits and dividends for its shareholders, growing its payout by 1,600% over the last year!

You can check out the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

Our pick has realized that hefty dividend growth from its operating niche – owning hotels and resort properties. The kicker is that our pick doesn’t operate the hotels; it simply owns the real estate. This pushes many of the headaches and costs of running a hotel onto the operator. Our pick simply sits back and collects the check.

The best part is that our pick has been able to realize stronger rents and cash flow growth as it has many RevPAR and booking “kickers” built into its rents. Moreover, its huge size and long operating history in the sector have allowed our pick to build scale. This has helped it fund deals, buy out new properties and expand further.

All in all, consumers are spending big on leisure and travel. With employment trends going strong and inflationary pressures subsiding, our pick has plenty of potential to keep the growth going as people get outside and vacation.

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