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Nearly 7% Yielding Private Capital Lender Reaffirmed in Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List

It’s all about the private market these days. From real estate to equity, investors have been taking a page out of the institutional playbook. But still, accessing the private market can be hard for many investors. Which is why our latest Best Monthly Dividend Stocks Pick and its 10+ years worth of dividend growth could be a wonderful choice. Investors can tap into its expertise and high monthly payout before the stock goes ex-dividend on Monday, May 22.

You can check out the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

Our pick functions in the private capital market, making loans to so-called lower middle-market companies. These firms are often too big to go to their local bank and yet too small to tap an investment bank for their needs. And in that, our pick is able to provide their needed funding at advantageous rates. Because of its private nature, investors can access the private market with single ticker access.

As for the loans themselves, our pick’s senior and floating rate focus has allowed it to profit as interest rates have risen. Meanwhile, equity kickers and its placement in the capital stack have added plenty of security to its loan portfolio.

All in all, our pick has continued to deliver on its private capital focus with plenty of dividend growth as well as periodic special dividend payments. With plenty of growth on the horizon and the size of the middle market, our pick has a long runway for further dividend success.

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