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Nearly 11% Yielding Capital Stack-Focused Lender Reaffirmed in Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List

For lenders these days, it pays to be nimble. Thanks to the ever-changing interest rate environment and different capital needs, lenders with the ability to be flexible in their capabilities are scoring huge wins for their investors. This includes our Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List pick. Our pick’s multi-asset approach has continued to reward investors with a high monthly dividend. An opportunity they can take advantage of before it goes ex-dividend on Wednesday, March 22!

You can check out the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

Our pick is like most business development companies (BDCs) in that it lends money to firms in the middle market. But unlike many of its rivals, our pick takes a multi-asset and capital stack approach, meaning it lends money in a variety of different situations and rates – some tied to assets, some tied to cash flow, both senior and subordinate. The end result is a portfolio of different loans all working together to provide strength in any type of economic environment.

Adding to that strength remains its private equity partner. By funneling deals its way, our pick can ensure that its underwriting has a level of safety embedded into each loan.

The end result is a strong monthly dividend player with a high yield.

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