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5% Yield Canadian Pipeline Operator Reaffirmed in Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List

With Europe finally making the decision to cut off Russia from the world’s energy markets, the race to find safe, secure supplies is on. Increasingly, Canada has emerged as a top player in meeting supply demands. This is wonderful news for our latest Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List pick!

Our pick is one of the largest pipeline operators in Canada, with plenty of midstream infrastructure in key shale fields. This critical piece to the energy supply chain has only become in greater demand as the world continues to face supply/demand constraints. For our pick, it’s been all gravy.

With continued cash flows from its system, our pick has plenty of firepower to keep its monthly dividend going, while smart expansion plans, new projects, and additional demand for its system have the potential to keep the cash flowing for years.

And thanks to its legacy as a Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY), our pick is more than willing to share the love with investors on a monthly basis. The next monthly distribution comes on Friday, July 1 (estimated date) when it goes ex-dividend.

You can check out the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

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