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10.8% Yield Business Development Company Reaffirmed in Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List

Truth be told, we’re living in strange times: rising rates, inflationary pressures and a growing economy has created a quandary. For firms looking to expand, finding capital at good rates is a tough nut to crack; but, luckily, for companies that operate in a select lending industry – like our latest Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List pick – it could be the boom times. Additionally, our pick features a rich 10.8% dividend yield, which investors can catch when the stock goes ex-dividend on Wednesday, August 17 with a regular payout of $0.1367/share!

Our pick is a business development company (BDC). These firms provide loans and other funding needs to the middle market – firms too big for their local bank but not big enough to tap a Wall Street investment bank to issue bonds. It’s a fertile niche, but one that pays investors plenty of dividends.

For our pick, the wins lie within its lending niche. By focusing on senior and secured debt at a floating rate, our pick can make the most of the current inflationary environment and provide some safety to its own bottom line.

The end result for investors is a high monthly yield that offers stability.

You can check out the Best Monthly Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

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