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3.4% Yield Logistics Giant’s Position Increased in Best Industrial Dividend Stocks List

Supply chain could be the most buzzworthy term of the moment. Thanks to long-term COVID-19 woes affecting supplies and the rise of omnichannel retailing, moving goods around has never been more important. Securing products and goods where and when you need them has become a major concern for a variety of end-users. And our latest Industrial pick is rising to the challenge!

Our pick happens to be one of the largest logistics providers in the world, with millions of packages and freight moving through its system every year. With the rise of supply chain issues and consumers now demanding their goods in store and online, our pick has continued to see its earnings rise.

Meanwhile, technology upgrades and a focus on new small-to-medium-sized businesses has helped the firm increase profitability. At the same time, a focus on healthcare logistics is proving to be a vital future revenue driver.

All in all, our pick remains a top play in the world of moving goods. And with that need becoming more important, our pick’s long-term success is assured.

In addition to our logistics play, we’ve also increased our positions in several defense specialists, HVAC firm and a railroad operator while removing a broad industrial manufacturer as well as an engine-maker from the list.

You can check out the Best Industrial Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

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