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6.8% Yield Wireless Giant Added to Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

It’s no secret that we’re glued to our smartphones and other mobile devices. Thanks to the proliferation of apps, cloud computing and streaming videos, wireless communication has never been more important in our daily lives. This has continued to benefit our latest Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio pick in spades, and its investors for nearly two decades!

Our pick is one of the largest operators of the wireless spectrum in North America. Given the “required” nature of telecommunication access, our pick has long been blessed with utility-like cash flow and stability, helping to remain profitable and grow dividends over the long haul.

But there is growth to be had as well. The 5G build-out, new devices and demand for faster speeds have boosted revenues, while various government infrastructure grants have helped lower taxes and reduce build-out costs. The end all be all is that our pick has plenty of growth potential to keep its cash flow humming.

With a nearly 7% yield and plenty of growth, our pick makes an ideal high-yielding dividend stock choice.

In order to make room for our new wireless communications stock, we’ve been forced to remove a business development company (BDC) from the list.

You can check out the Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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