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Uncover the Latest Addition to the Best High Dividend Stocks: A Mid-Cap Energy Gem

Discover an exciting addition to the Best High Dividend Stocks model portfolio! A well-covered mid-cap Energy MLP has caught the attention of high dividend investors.

With a yield of 7.84%, this stock ranks among the top 20% of dividend stocks, offering an enticing opportunity for income-focused individuals. But beware of dividend traps – although the industry average stands at 9.8%, this stock’s payout ratio of 35% is relatively low and in line with the Energy MLP average. Despite a year-to-date return of -0.3%, compared to 10% for the S&P 500 and 1% for the Energy MLP industry, its potential for yield attractiveness and dividend safety are noteworthy.


Intriguingly, the next payout is estimated to be around $0.842 per share, scheduled for July 26. This information is crucial for investors seeking consistent income. To delve deeper into the stock analysis and explore its returns potential and risk, don’t miss the upcoming in-depth review. Stay tuned for an insightful analysis of this fascinating holding, optimizing for both yield attractiveness and dividend safety.

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