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8.9% Yield REIT Affirms Position on Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

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Housing continues to be a top draw for investors of all stripes, as a variety of macroeconomic forces propel the sector forward. For firms operating within the housing sector, these are truly halcyon days. And the latest addition to our Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio is a major winner on that front.

Our pick provides capital for mortgages and other real estate-backed assets. It’s a good business to be in, as our pick features ample cash flows from its investments. The win is that our pick also has several tangential housing-related businesses that help keep the cash flowing during both good times and bad, which helps to reduce its own interest rate risks. Better still, our pick is structured as a REIT – meaning that it’s able to reward investors with strong dividends.

All in all, our pick’s diversity among housing-related assets plus the strength of real estate in recent years provide investors with a mega-sized 8.9% dividend yield.

You can check out the Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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