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Nearly 6% Yield Natural Gas-Focused Midstream Firm Reaffirmed in Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

As we look to power the world’s ever-growing energy needs, while still balancing clean energy requirements, natural gas is quickly emerging as the fuel of choice for utilities. And our latest Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio happens to be in the thick of the revolution, rewarding shareholders with a nearly 6% yield and five years’ worth of dividend increases.

You can check out the Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

Our pick happens to be one of the largest midstream operators in North America, with thousands of miles’ worth of pipelines, storage assets and processing facilities. The best part is that our pick has hitched its ride on natural gas and its transportation. This fact has continued to serve our pick well with strong cash flow and profits.

The best part is our pick’s cash flow is tied to long-term, regulated interstate contracts, providing stability to its cash generation. Meanwhile, smart hedging for its commodity priced-based assets has continued to remove volatility while still strengthening overall revenues. Add in plenty of growth potential for M&A and bolt-on transactions to its system, and you have a recipe for long-term success.

The end result for investors is a strong and stable dividend payer with a high yield.

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