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12.8% Yield Shipping Firm Added to Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

As the saying goes, ‘there are niches in riches.’ Companies that can find success in navigating small – but needed – markets are guaranteed to pull in plenty of profits. And the latest addition to our Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio is a prime example of such a firm.

Our pick operates in the lucrative and steady world of midstream energy infrastructure. However, our pick doesn’t operate pipelines; it operates so-called shuttle tankers. These transport ships are used to offload crude oil from offshore platforms and move the commodity to refineries on land. It’s a niche that has produced plenty of steady cash flows for our pick over the years.

What’s great for investors is that our pick is structured as a master limited partnership (MLP). As such, it operates as a pass-through entity, and much of its cash flow heads right back into investors’ pockets. This helps our pick to produce an eye-popping 12.8% yield. However, with its steady profits and strong niche, its yield has proved to be both safe and strong throughout its history. All in all, our pick’s specialty niche and continued energy demand can provide investors with a big boost to their income.

The stock is going ex-dividend next Thursday, January 27, 2022 and this could be a great time to add or increase your position in the stock.

In order to make room for our shipping pick, we had to remove a mortgage REIT from our list this week.

You can check out the Best High Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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