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50-Year-Increasing Medical Device Company Added to Best Healthcare Dividend Stocks List

When it comes to value investing, there are no guarantees that a particular stock will outperform. The job of income investors is to find companies with solid financials and a proven track record of higher dividend payouts. Our latest addition to the Best Healthcare Dividend Stocks List is a leading medical device manufacturer with five decades of dividend growth under its belt. Investors have until Thursday, October 13, to implement this strategy and receive our pick’s next quarterly regular dividend payout of $0.47 per share.

Thanks to its dominant market position in the medical device business, a growing catalog of pharmaceutical products and an excellent track record of regulatory approvals for new devices, our pick offers a solid value proposition for income investors. Our pick is coming off a solid quarter of earnings growth, with most product divisions registering solid year-over-year increases.

To make room for our medical device pick, we’ve cut losses and sold off our holdings of a biotechnology company.

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