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8.3% Yield Crude Oil Midstream Giant Reaffirmed in Best Energy Dividend List

Despite a recent dip, crude oil prices and demand remain elevated, boosting those firms operating in the sector. Perhaps none as great as the midstream firms, as is evident by our latest pick on the Best Energy Dividend Stocks List Pick, which has returned 6.5% on price since being added to the list back on March 17, 2022. In addition to that hefty price return, our pick has offered a generous yield of over 8%.

Our pick is one of the largest midstream firms in the nation. The secret lies within its vast network of pipelines, storage farms and other assets. Its focus has continued to be on crude oil. In fact, the vast bulk of refined products and gasoline in the nation tap into our pick’s system at some point on their journey, providing plenty of steady cash flow during thick and thin.

Moreover, our pick’s top-notch management has allowed us to keep debts low, avoid fads within the sector and make smart M&A/expansion decisions. This has only boosted its stability and steadfastness more.

In the end, our pick remains one of the best midstream firms and a great way to play the energy sector.

You can check out the Best Energy Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

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