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40-year-increasing Speciality Insurance Company Added to Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

When it comes to finding the best dividend stocks, “boring” is sometimes better. And you can’t get any more boring than the insurance industry. Thanks to the sector’s steady nature, insurance stocks are often wonderful places for dividend investors to find strong yields. This includes our newest Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio pick. Our pick has managed to turn its steady nature into more than four decades’ worth of dividend increases as well as paying plenty of special dividends along the way!

The secret to our insurance pick’s dividend strength comes down to two factors. One is its focus on the business and enterprise market. Thanks to a focus on speciality insurance for a variety of industries, like trucking, construction, aviation and others, our pick has been able to collect rising premiums. Meanwhile, it’s used those premiums to its advantage. Thanks to a large float, our pick has continued to be profitable on its investments.

The combination has allowed our pick to be a steady-eddy insurance firm that rewards its shareholders for the long haul. And that makes it an ideal choice for dividend seekers.

In addition to our insurance pick, we’ve also added another insurance agency to the list as well as removed a large money center bank and glass specialist.

You can check out the Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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