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10+ Year-Increasing Regional Utility’s Position Increased in Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

Utilities are shedding their boring moniker. Thanks to a hefty dose of grid monetization, renewable energy and technology, today’s utility is all about growth. But that doesn’t come at the cost of stability. And our Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio pick is a prime example of both.

Our pick is one of the largest regional utilities in a fast-growing part of the country. With plenty of economic growth, high-tech businesses and a large customer base, our pick has continued to reap plenty of cash flows from its operations.

Speaking of those cash flows, they happen to come from a variety of renewable energy means. Already one of the largest producers of green energy in the nation, our pick continues to expand its operations and add new solar/wind capacity to its grid. This has helped boost margins and expand its profits.

With infrastructure plans providing plenty of subsidies for further expansion, our pick provides the best of both worlds – a hefty 2.7% dividend and future profit potential. Watch for when the stock goes ex-dividend on Wednesday, August 17 (estimated date).

In order to increase our position in this utility and another consumer stock, we’ve been forced to remove an industrial name as well as a protein producer.

You can check out the Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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