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10+ Year-Increasing Logistics Stock Reaffirmed in Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

If there is one topic that boardrooms across the world are focusing on, it has to be supply chains. The pandemic set off a wave of supply chain issues, and we’re still trying to work out the kinks. For those firms that provide solutions in the logistics industry – like our latest Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio pick – it’s resulted in big profits and cash flow. In fact, our pick just raised its dividend by nearly 7% on the back of surging demand!

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How did it provide that dividend increase? Our pick just happens to be one of the largest logistics providers in the world, with millions of packages and freight moving through its system every year. With the rise of supply chain issues and consumers now demanding their goods both in store and online, our pick has continued to see its earnings rise. And thanks to its size and importance, it’s been able to pass on price increases to its customers.

The best part is that despite its size, our pick has continued to find new growth channels. A newfound focus on healthcare logistics with its higher regulations as well as smaller businesses have continued to generate additional higher-margined revenues. With plenty of opportunity here, our pick has a long runway for growth.

In the end, our logistics pick makes for a wonderful play on stability and growth potential.

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