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50-Year-Increasing Beverage Maker Added to Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

Consumer staples are often a fertile hunting ground for investors. Thanks to their “needs” niche, they provide plenty of stable cash flows. But for some firms operating in the little luxury category, this niche provides an extra boost. For our latest Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio pick, this fact has provided ample cash flow for more than 50 years!

Our pick is one of the largest snack-food and beverage makers in the world. These days, soft drinks, chips and bottled water are just as much “staples” as shampoo or laundry soap. And with numerous billion dollar brands under its belt, our pick features strong consistent sales and revenues.

The win has continued to be our pick’s focus on cross-branding and limited edition flavors and products. The firm has been able to create plenty of additional buzz and sales boosts while keeping costs low. And speaking of those costs, thanks to its niche, our pick has been able to raise prices on consumers and retailers easily.

All in all, our pick represents a top play in the consumer staples sector with a fair bit of growth added on.

In addition to our new staples play, we’ve also added an integrated energy stock to the portfolio as well as removed two small community banks.

You can check out the Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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