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40-Year-Increasing Industrial Gas Giant With Near Monopoly Status Reaffirmed in Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

There’s a reason why Warren Buffett loves stocks with wide moats: they provide plenty of cash flow and business health no matter what the environment. Our latest Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio selection is such a stock. With a wide moat and near-monopoly in its niche, our pick has been providing dividend increases for forty years. Investors can take advantage of its streak and 2% yield before it goes ex-dividend on Friday, December 30, with a regular quarterly dividend of $1.62 per share!

The secret to our pick’s success is its position as one of the world’s only and leading providers of industrial gasses. Creating these products requires vast infrastructure and facilities. This provides a high barrier to entry for rivals. At the same time, demand remains steady as many of these products are must-haves for businesses.

But there’s plenty of growth to be had as well.

Our pick has continued to see demand for specialty gasses grow as various technology processes, like semiconductor and solar panel manufacturing, require vast amounts of these products. At the same time, our pick is a major hydrogen producer. With hydrogen being tapped as a clean fuel source, our pick is in the driver’s seat of the revolution.

All in all, our pick’s position and niche make it a valuable dividend payer for portfolios.

You can check out the Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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