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10+ Year-Increasing Glass Specialist’s Position Increased in Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

When it comes to tech, speed is everything. From self-driving cars and the metaverse to streaming video and cloud computing, moving data fast is critical. And increasingly, old school technology is helping facilitate this need for speed, which is great news for our latest Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio pick.

Our pick is a glass specialist and is one of the largest makers of fiber optic cable in the world. Thanks to the build-outs in 5G and data centers, our pick has continued to see its fiber optics business surge in recent quarters as firms look to build out this critical infrastructure.

But our pick isn’t just a one-trick pony. Expansions in other fast-moving sectors—like life sciences and consumer devices—has helped reignite this old school tech’s fire, boost its cash flows, and return it to its former glory days.

Investors have also benefited with strong dividend growth and capital gains. With continued demand for fiber optics and other specialized glass materials, our pick is poised to keep winning. Investors should watch for the stock going ex-dividend on Thursday, September 15 (estimated date).

As part of our usual portfolio rebalancing process, we decided to increase our position for our glass pick as well as community bank and consumer products stock. At the same time, we’ve reduced our position in an insurance stock.

You can check out the Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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