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25+ Year-Increasing Energy Midstream Giant Reaffirmed in Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

With energy prices starting to drop, enthusiasm for stocks within the sector have started to cool. Many investors have simply walked away from energy stocks, but that doesn’t mean that there are not great opportunities with the industry. In fact, some are still top notch, including our latest Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio pick and its juicy 7.7% distribution yield!

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The secret to our pick’s success is the fact that it doesn’t produce energy commodities but moves them around. By connecting end-users with producers, it serves as a vital linkage in the energy value chain. And that linkage comes with hefty toll road-like cash flow and fees.

Perhaps the best part is that despite its massive size and thousands of miles’ worth of pipelines, terminals and storage assets, our pick has continued to find new ways to grow and boost its cash flow further. Working with some of the biggest energy firms around, its latest project focuses on carbon capture and transportation.

With green and low-carbon energy sources becoming a top focus for many regulators and firms, our pick could be sitting on a gold mine of future profits.

For investors, it just goes to show how forward-thinking and timely our pick has been with its decisions – all while providing ample dividends to its shareholders.

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