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60+ Year-Increasing Consumer Products Stock Reaffirmed in Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

The financial phrase of the last year has to be “pricing power.” With inflationary pressures hitting consumers and businesses in the wallet, firms with strong pricing power have been able to reap plenty of additional cash flow and cover their own higher costs. Our Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio stock is a prime example of leveraging “pricing power”, with the firm using its strong branding and position to boost its bottom line!

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Our pick is one of the largest consumer products firms on the planet. Key to its pricing power remains its strong branding messaging across household and personal care product lines. By leveraging its position, our pick has continued to see sales rise, and cash flow tend to be steady even during uncertain economic environments.

Better still, our pick has smartly used its branding power to move up and down the value spectrum. This has allowed it to capture more customers as inflationary forces have taken hold and consumer spending remains tight.

The end result is a top-notch dividend stock with plenty of sales and cash flow to keep its payout rising for the long haul.

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