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20+ Year-Increasing Aerospace Stock Reaffirmed In Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio

Uncle Sam always pays his bills on time. For that reason, the aerospace and defense sector has long been a great place for investors to find dividend growth and stability. Our latest Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio is no different. Our selection has managed to raise its dividend for twenty years straight! And since being added to our coveted list back in Dec 14, 2021, it has managed to produce a stellar 20.5% price return for investors. Don’t miss the opportunity to score $2.80 cash return before it goes ex-dividend on Wednesday, August 31.

The key for our pick remains in its huge portfolio of advanced airplanes, weapons systems and other military hardware/software. With its huge size and scope, our pick has become a master at winning contracts and delivering key defense needs to the U.S. and NATO allies.

All of this has only gotten stronger in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. With defense budgets surging around the world, our pick has plenty of potential to keep the cash flowing, and with new forays into cyber and digital warfare, margins continue to rise as well.

With plenty of stability and growth, our defense pick makes an ideal selection for investors.

You can check out the Best Dividend Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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