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Uncover the Newest Addition to the Best Dividend Protection Stocks: A Gem in the Utilities Sector

Discover the latest addition to the Best Dividend Protection Stocks model portfolio, a well-covered large-cap Integrated Utilities stock. This high-performing company has caught the attention of retirement dividend investors seeking stability and growth.

With a remarkable 30-year track record of consistently increasing dividends, it ranks among the top 10% of dividend stocks. Additionally, its 3-year dividend/shr compound annual growth rate of 10% places it in the top 40% of all dividend stocks. Offering further appeal, this stock exhibits a low beta of 0.47, indicating that its monthly returns are not significantly correlated to equity markets, making it an excellent diversification option for any equity portfolio.

NEE - ytd

The stock just went ex-div on May 26 with an unchanged qualified payout of $0.468/shr and a payment date of June 15.

Dive deeper into the comprehensive stock analysis that follows to gain invaluable insights for your retirement dividend investment strategy.

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