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3.6% Yield Packaging Stock Reaffirmed In Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio

Retail is about one thing these days: omnichannel. Consumers want their products across physical stross and online medium. All at the same time, which has been a tough nut to crack for many retailers. But for firms providing the picks and shovels to make omnichannel happen, it’s been a boon to earnings, including our latest Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio pick, which recently increased its dividend by a whopping 25%.

Our latest pick is one of the largest producers of packaging in the country. With demand rising from online and omnichannel sales, retailers and product producers have continued to demand more solutions for shipping and storage, which has only worked well for our latest pick and created a major tailwind for cash flows.

The win for our pick has been its focus on advanced mailers and packaging solutions. Rising fuel costs have caused many retailers to demand stronger yet lighter packaging products. At the same time, with so many goods in transit, protection from loss remains a huge concern. This has helped our pick win and boost margins as more retailers/product producers look towards these advanced items.

The end all be all is that our pick has developed a stable stream of cash flows. With this, our pick makes an ideal selection for conservative investors looking to avoid the market’s hiccups.

You can check out the Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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