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10+ Year-Increasing Leading Pharma Company Reaffirmed in Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio

Patent cliff. Nothing scares healthcare investors more than those words. The exclusivity loss of a blockbuster drug or device can mean billions in lost revenues. But luckily, many pharmaceuticals have worked hard to keep kicking the can on patent cliffs. This includes our latest Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio pick!

Our pick has used the surging cash flow from its massive oncology portfolio to not only reward investors with rising dividends and buybacks, but also to make plenty of smart M&A moves. Thanks to joint ventures, partnerships and flat-out buyouts, our pick has managed to boost its pipeline and give it plenty of “shots on goal” for future drug wins. This gives it a long runway for future growth.

In the meantime, sales of its current blockbuster portfolio of drugs provide ample cash flow to reward investors. Buyback programs have surged, while dividends have grown steadily for more than a decade.

The end result is that our pick remains a top name for today and tomorrow. For conservative investors, our pharma pick is a top choice for protection and income stability.

You can check out the Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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