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Nearly 20-Year-Increasing Conservative Midstream MLP Added to Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio

In these tremulous times, conservatism pays off. In this case, we’re talking about a fat 8%+ dividend! Do not let that high yield scare you away. Our latest Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio pick has been generating high income for shareholders for nearly 20 years. The key is in its business model.

Our pick owns one of the largest pipeline systems in the United States. Criss-crossing several states and major production areas, E&P firms purchase capacity on our pick’s pipelines to get their product to market. In fact, the vast bulk of refined products and gasoline in the nation tap into our pick’s system at some point on their journey. It is a solid business and removes much of the commodity’s pricing risk.

But as many of its rivals shoved whatever assets they could into their MLPs, our pick stuck to its guns, focusing on moving and storing crude oil. This has kept debt low and cash flow high.

The end result is one of the strongest midstream firms around – one that continues to reward shareholders through steady dividend increases, buybacks and other rewards. All in all, our pick is an ideal choice for conservative investors.

In addition to our new midstream pick, we’ve also added a beverage maker and removed an insurance firm and different midstream firm.

You can check out the Best Dividend Protection Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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