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10+ Year-Increasing Value-Added Steel Producer Reaffirmed in Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio

For many industrial firms, the woes facing the global supply chain have been a tough nut to crack. Getting the raw materials they need, when they need it has become a paramount issue. Increasingly, when it comes to steel and aluminum parts, they’ve been turning to our Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model pick. With numerous facilities and production capabilities, our pick has profited from the supply chain woes. Investors have profited too, such as with the firm’s latest nearly 15% dividend hike!

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Our pick provides value-add capabilities to metal. Firms order screws, bolts and other parts from our pick and our pick delivers. Taking raw steel and aluminum, our pick quickly makes the needed parts and gets them out the door in record time. This “just-in-time” focus has allowed our pick to have low inventory costs and become a top-notch supplier to a variety of industrial industries.

In fact, the firm recently reported record sales and profits from its operations.

With onshoring and domestic production now starting to grow in the post-pandemic world, our pick has plenty of opportunity to grow further. And thanks to smart M&A and consolidation in the industry, our pick’s size gives it an advantage to add small bolt-on transactions.

For investors, all of this is a win-win and will help our pick continue on its path of dividend growth.

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