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Top 3 Stocks To Grow Your Dividend Omicron Be Damned

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Investors are bracing for the worst – with panic selling and high volatility. That’s because the COVID-19 crisis may be back on the menu with a new infectious variant dubbed Omicron. As such, restrictions and quarantines could be coming back in a big way.
But, what if you could actually grow your income during the distress?*

Our new Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio makes this possible.

Using our updated Dividend Safety Ratings system, Premium members can tap into the model portfolio and select stocks with the greatest potential to grow their dividend payouts. This is true even as Omicron begins shutting down the world once again. Adding reinvestment of these dividends and investors have the potential to supercharge their income streams over the long haul. No matter what Omicron throws at the markets, our picks have the best chance for your portfolio to see rising income in the new year.

You can check out the Best Dividend Growth Model Portfolio to explore all the picks.

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