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15+ Year-Increasing Tech-Focused Consultant Added to Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio

With the economy getting dicey, reducing costs and improving efficiencies have quickly become the mantra for various companies. However, finding those efficiencies, implementing plans and measuring success is sometimes a tough nut to crack. And in that, our newest Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model pick has prospered. Income investors have prospered as well with a current 1.7% yield, more than 15 years’ worth of dividend growth and strong buyback program!

You can check out the Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

Our pick operates in the consulting industry. But rather than provide blanket advice, our pick is all about technology. From building IT solutions to utilizing technology to help find growth and cost savings, our pick’s mission is helping businesses and enterprises use tech to their advantage – and it makes a hefty penny providing this advice. With margins high, our pick features plenty of cash flow.

Going forward, our pick has made high-tech solutions a focus. AI, big data, blockchain and new cloud computing solutions have continued to drive new sources of revenues and strengthen its advice offerings.

All in all, with companies looking towards tech implantation and to cut costs/boost efficiencies, our pick’s long-term potential is untapped!

In order to make room for our new consultant, we’ve been forced to remove an energy stock and reduce our holdings in a beer producer.

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