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Nearly 20-Year-Increasing Specialty Semiconductor Stock Reaffirmed in Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio

Technology is everywhere. From your hair dryer to your smartphone, tech has continued to invade our lives in a big way, which just happens to be wonderful news for our latest Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model pick. Our pick has continued to be the bridge between the “digital and physical world” producing ample cash flow and nearly two decades’ worth of dividend growth. Investors can take advantage of this strength before the stock goes ex-dividend on Friday, December 2, with a regular quarterly dividend of $0.76 per share!

This bridge is due to our pick’s prowess as a semiconductor manufacturer. Our pick cut its teeth on analog semiconductors. These basic chips make their way into all manners of devices, both high and low tech. This segment provides plenty of cash flow to its bottom line. However, in recent years, our pick has moved into more advanced semiconductors, including those needed in automation, power control and battery management systems. This has only served to boost cash flow and profits even further.

And with a top-notch outlook besting many of its peers, our pick looks like it has the goods to navigate the current market malaise with ease.

All in all, our pick remains a top choice for dividend growth investors in the technology sector.

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