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8+ Year-Increasing Snack Food Company Added To Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio

If you haven’t noticed, your grocery bill has gone up and, in some instances, by a lot. This fact has finally started to shift consumer behavior, with measures of spending and sentiment falling rapidly. It’s a problem if you’re a retailer or producer of products. But this is not so for the newest Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio pick.

The secret is our pick’s focus. As one of the largest makers of snack foods, cookies, and candy, our pick operates in the ‘little luxuries’ category of consumer goods. This gives it immense pricing power to slowly and incrementally raise the prices it charges to cover its own rising costs. Consumers generally don’t balk at spending a few cents more on a candy bar or bag of cookies. 

This provides a strong avenue to fight back inflation and keep its cash flows humming along. It keeps its dividend humming along too, with nearly a decade of increases already under its belt. 

With continued strong demand for its offerings and margins staying fat, our pick offers refuge in the current environment. Watch for when the stock goes ex-dividend on Thursday, June 30 (estimated date).

To make room for this consumer stock and another insurance pick, we had to remove an automotive stock and basic materials name from our list this week.

You can check out the Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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