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Nearly 40-Year-Increasing Insurance Stock Added to Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio

For many families, businesses and organizations, one thing is on their minds these days – and that’s protection. From COVID-19 worries to economic issues, protecting assets and lifestyle have become paramount. For those stocks that do this well, like our Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model pick, providing this insurance can be an amazing business to be in!

The win for our pick and its forty years’ worth of dividend growth has been its focus on the A&D insurance market. These supplemental insurance policies are designed to protect clients in the case of emergencies and hospitalizations. It’s an amazingly profitable yet simple business. And in that, our pick’s strength in underwriting has helped it to produce top results.

Meanwhile, our pick has continued to feast on its robust float and premium collection. With interest rates rising, our pick has been able to earn more from its portfolio of bonds and other assets, which has raised profits as well as strengthened its dividend further.

In addition to our new insurance pick, we’ve added a packaging firm and removed a rural retailer and natural gas utility from the list.

You can check out the Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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