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10+ Year-Increasing Derivatives Exchange Operator Added to Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio

Exchanges are as old as the market itself. What was once done in a public square has now become an electronic clearing house, with millions of transactions per second- connecting buyers and sellers from across the globe. This vital piece of financial infrastructure is a wonderful business to be in. Our newest Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model addition happens to be one of the best, providing investors with a nearly 14% 10-year annual dividend growth rate!

You can check out the Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

Our pick’s niche happens to be derivatives. Operating one of the oldest standardized, exchange-traded stock option exchange in the world, our pick has continued to see volumes for these derivatives surge over the years. In fact, globally, there are more derivatives traded each day than actual stock trades. This has continued to drive cash flow at our firm as it gets a piece of the action.

Moreover, our firm has continued to expand into new markets, options and futures types, digital assets and tangential services like data and clearing. All of this has continued to boost our pick’s profits and cash flow, making it a dividend machine. And demand for trading and options is only growing, our pick has a very long runway for growth.

In order to make room for our pick, we’ve been forced to remove a chocolate and candy producer from the portfolio.

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