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55+ Years Dividend Increasing Consumer Staples Giant Affirms Position on Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio

Consumer staples are cornerstone stocks for dividend investors. The reason? They often have very predictable cash flows and revenues. After all, no matter if the economy is booming or standing still, we all need to wash our hair and do our laundry. So firms in the sector often make great dividend growth and stability choices.

Our latest Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio pick is one of them.

Our pick is one of the top names in consumer products and features a variety of products across self-care and household goods. The win is that the bulk of its brands are better than value offerings, but not quite premium brands. This middle ground allows it to win as consumers trade up or down during various economic conditions. The company has benefited immensely from the pandemic and the current higher inflationary environment.

For investors, this has worked its way into the dividend front. Its portfolio of brands throw off amazing cash flows, and our pick has been rewarding shareholders with more than 55 years’ worth of consecutive dividend increases, not to mention a hefty buyback program. With growth still going strong, these rewards should continue into the future.

You can check out the Best Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio to explore all the stocks.

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