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Return 0.79% In Less Than 3 days by Trading This Packaged Food Giant's Upcoming Ex-Dividend

When it comes to steady stocks, the consumer staples sector ranks right up there. The sector often has plenty of stable revenues and cash flows. As such, the sector is often a fertile hunting ground for dividend seekers. Our latest pick for the Best Dividend Capture Stocks List is no different.

The key for our pick is that it also provides a hefty side of growth. As one of the largest packaged food companies in the world, our pick features several top brands that generate plenty of cash flows for investors. And increasingly, its focus on natural, plant-based and snack foods has boosted margins and sales further.

Because of its long history and newfound growth, our pick is also a great dividend capture play. A dividend capture strategy involves buying a stock before its ex-dividend date and then selling it after it has recovered the payout. With an ex-dividend date of Tuesday, May 31, our pick is primed for the strategy, as is evident from its historical track record of a recovery period within an average of 2.8 days after going ex-dividend.

For investors looking for a quick total return of income and capital appreciation, our latest consumer pick has the potential to give you what you need.

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