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Return 0.21% In Four Days by Trading This Low-Cost Life Insurance Specialist’s Upcoming Ex-Dividend

For many families, businesses and organizations, one thing is on their minds these days – and that’s protection. From COVID-19 worries to economic issues, protecting assets and lifestyle have become paramount. This hunt for protection has benefited our latest Best Dividend Capture Stocks List pick in spades. You can implement the strategy before Thursday, October 6, when the stock goes ex-dividend with a regular payout of $0.2075 per share.

Our pick is a leading insurance stock. The key for our new selection is its focus on life insurance, specifically low-cost life insurance. A focus on term life and low dollar amounts has helped drive business and keep its risk profile low. It’s also helped keep its float nice and fat. This has made it a dividend machine.

The end result is that our pick is also a great dividend capture play. A dividend capture strategy involves buying a stock before its ex-dividend date and then selling it after it has recovered the payout. With an ex-dividend date of Thursday, October 6, our pick is primed for the strategy, as is evident from its historical track record of a recovery period within an average of 3.8 days after going ex-dividend.

For investors looking for a quick total return of income and capital appreciation, our latest insurance pick could be a lucrative option.

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