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Return 0.3% In Four Days by Trading This Lifestyle Brand’s Upcoming Ex-Dividend

When it comes to consumer discretionary stocks, branding is key. For firms that get it right, create iconic logos and transcend beyond their core audiences, the world truly is their oyster. Our newest Best Dividend Capture Stocks List pick – and its two decades worth of dividend increases – is a prime example of this.

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Our pick has moved from being a straightforward shoe company to a true lifestyle brand that covers serious athletes, casual fitness buffs and those who have no desire to get physical at all. It’s become one of the largest global lifestyle brands and its logo is instantly recognizable. And with a premium price tag for its products, our pick generates billions in cash flow and profits. At the same time, it’s been quick to expand into new sports and innovation, creating must-have apparel, tech and shoes for consumers.

Given its status as one of the largest lifestyle brands in the world, our pick generates a ton of interest after it pays a dividend and makes for a great dividend capture play. A dividend capture strategy involves buying a stock before its ex-dividend date and then selling it after it has recovered the payout. With an ex-dividend date of Friday, June 2, our pick is primed for the strategy, as is evident from its historical track record of a recovery period within an average of four days after going ex-dividend.

For investors looking for a quick total return of income and capital appreciation, our latest lifestyle brand pick could be a lucrative option.

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