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Mutual Funds to ETF Conversions Are Here To Stay

There have been some very big watershed moments in the world of investing: the Investment Company Act of 1940, the launching of the first index fund, the creation of exchange-traded funds and the first online discount brokerages. These have been some of the defining moments that have shaped the modern investing landscape.

And we’re about to see another one.

Investment bank and asset manager J.P. Morgan recently announced its plan to convert some of its active mutual funds into active non-transparent ETFs. The importance lies in the sheer size of the conversion, and the fact that J.P. Morgan is the first major traditional asset manager to make such a conversion. All in all, it provides credence and confidence in the active ETF model.

For investors, it could mean that more such conversions are on the way.

See our Active ETFs Channel to learn more about this investment vehicle and its suitability for your portfolio.

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