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Active Equity ETFs: Can ETF Investors Still Get the Benefits of Stock Selection

What do active equity ETFs have that Mutual Funds don’t and can investors still get the potential benefits of stock selection? Here at MutualFunds.com, we really would like to know. With more active ETFs available, both transparent and semi-transparent, let’s ask the experts. Our moderator for the webinar is Todd Rosenbluth, Sr Director of ETF and Mutual Fund Research at CFRA, one of the largest global independent investment research firms. Joining as panelists will be representatives of 3 asset management firms that have taken the lead in the actively managed ETF space, who will also talk about ETF strategies.

Gregory Friedman, Head of ETF Management and Strategy, Fidelity Investments
Dodd Kittsley, National Director, Davis Advisors
Vinay Nadkarni, Managing Director, Head of Global Business Development, ClearBridge Investments

Todd Rosenbluth, Head of ETF & Mutual Fund Research, CFRA

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Aug 25, 2020