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Food Giant With More Than 50 Years of Dividend Growth Reaffirms Position on Best Dividend Stocks List

There’s plenty of power in protein – and not just from a diet and muscle-building point of view. It turns out that protein in its various forms can do well for your portfolio as well. Case in point is our Best Dividend Stocks List pick in the consumer staples sector.

Already one of the best-performing stocks of all time, our pick has continued to deliver during the pandemic. Revenues have risen, profits have increased and shareholder rewards have been robust. Now in the post-pandemic/new environment, our pick is still firing on all cylinders.

New strategies continue to work wonders for the stock. Recent advantageous buyouts during the COVID-19 crisis, including a billion dollar brand, have only strengthened our pick’s position as one of the leading food stocks in the nation. Adding in its recent transition into organic, natural and plant-based options, our pick was able to report its best quarters in company history.

With consumers still cooking and working from home as well as getting take-out at an increasing rate, our pick is poised to keep its winning ways going throughout the fourth quarter and beyond.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

1. Continued its pace of sales growth last quarter – hitting an all-time company record!
2. One of the first movers into new natural, organic and plant-based protein sources, providing it with a long runway for future growth.
3. M&A specialist, with its latest move predicted to add $1 billion in net sales per year.
4. Dividend Aristocrat with 50+ years of dividend increases and a track record of paying a dividend for more than 350 consecutive quarters.
5. Healthy payout ratio of 58% and increasing yield of 2.4%.

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