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The Best Dividend Stocks List features Dividend.com’s top-rated dividend stocks. Get exposure to all 9 sectors with our Best Dividend Stocks List.


Find Your Ideal Dividend-Paying Stock

Dividend.com’s Screener gets you closer to your ideal stock faster. Screen through 1,800+ stocks leveraging 25+ filters and 25 data points to find the stock that meets your investment goals. Need to perform more advanced analysis on this data? Export your results to a CSV file.


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Get unlimited access to ex-dividend dates of all U.S.-listed dividend-paying securities. Filter by security type to only see the securities you’re interested in. Export your results to a CSV file and perform additional analysis on your results.



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    Don’t miss critical stock information by leveraging Watchlist Alerts. Add as many stocks to your watchlist and get notified when stocks you’re interested in go ex-dividend, fall more than 25% from their 52-week high, declare a dividend or if we change its DARS™ rating.

  • High-Yield Stocks

    Looking to earn more income with less capital? Check out the highest dividend-paying stocks in the market. This list contains a healthy number of stocks with 10+% dividend yield. Couple this list with other valuable data points, such as DARS™, to find a great source of income.

  • Most Watched Stocks List

    Want to know which stocks the dividend investment community has its eye on? The Most Watched Stocks List is a user-generated, interest-based ranking of dividend-paying stocks.

  • Dividend Payout Changes

    Each day, companies across the globe announce new upcoming dividend payouts. The dividend payout changes tool allows you to filter through corporate announcements by date and payout type.

  • Special Dividends List

    A special dividend can be a good indicator of a well-performing company. Leverage our special dividends list in your research to uncover new dividend investment opportunities.

  • 10- & 25-Year Dividend-Increasing Stocks Lists

    Some of the most reliable dividend-paying stocks have increased their dividends consecutively over several years. These lists help you view those stocks in a comprehensive format.

  • Earn Income Every Month

    While most companies pay dividends on a quarterly basis, some dividend stocks pay monthly. The Monthly Dividend Stocks List provides you with quick access to all stocks that pay dividends on a monthly basis.

  • Save Time With Curated Lists

    Our curated stock category lists save you time. We provide you with comprehensive dividend data points on MLPs, REITs, DOW 30, ADRs and more.


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    Get access to the widely popular Dividend Advisor. In each monthly issue you will get: timely investing analysis, a complete review of the past month, a preview of the upcoming month, significant economic events and dividend payout changes, our #1 dividend stock pick of the month and much more.

  • Premium News & Research

    Our experts keep you up-to-date on the most important events in the dividend investing world.

  • Intro to Dividend Investing

    New to dividend investing? Our extensive catalogue of expert curated dividend-investing education can help you get up-to-speed quickly. Learn about simple concepts and strategies in order to start earning a safe and steady stream of dividend income.

  • Advanced Dividend Strategies

    Looking to take your dividend investing knowledge to the next level? Check out our advanced strategies written by expert dividend investors. We cover everything from dividend capture strategies to dividend portfolio creation.

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