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Rethinking Our Cash Allocations

Let’s face facts – cash is a boring asset class. People get excited about the latest tech stock or healthcare innovation. Money market accounts? Not so much. This has only been exacerbated over the last decade or so. Since the Great Recession and continued low/zero-level interest rate environment, cash has been a losing proposition. Literally. As a result, investors have rightfully forgotten about their cash allocations and relegated holding cash to the backburner.

But cash does play an important role in almost every portfolio – even for younger investors.

The key is to think outside the box and get reacquainted with cash in a new way. Yes, the asset class is boring. But boring doesn’t mean it’s not important, nor does it mean we can’t get a better return than 0%. And thanks to a host of new products, ETFs and funds, we can do our cash allocations justice.

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Cash Still Has a Place

Stepping Just a Tad Bit Out

Price chart - SPDR Barclays 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF
Source: YCharts

Making a Cash-Like Play