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Dividend Investing 101

Dividend Dates Explained: Ex-Dividend, Record, Payment & Declaration Date

When investing in dividend stocks, there are a few important dates to keep in mind. These dates...

Dividend Investing 101

Dividend Yield: Definition and Tips

Dividend yield is an important factor in determining the true value of dividend stocks. This fact...

Dividend Investing 101

What are Dividend Stocks?

Investing in dividend-paying stocks is a great way to build long-term wealth. Below, you’ll...

Dividend Investing 101

What is a Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

Dividend Reinvestment Plans (also known as Dividend Reinvestment Programs, or DRIPs) are a great...

Dividend Investing 101

What is a Dividend?

A dividend is defined as a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders. Usually these...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

5 Reasons Why Google Should Start Paying a Dividend (GOOG)

Most profitable and mature companies in the markets pay dividends; however, there are certain...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

A Nonconventional Way to Find Reliable Dividend Stocks

One of the most important factors for every dividend investor is the reliability of a particular...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

The History of the Standard Oil Company: An Infographic

In the early 1900s, Standard Oil was one of the largest names in the world. The company had its...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Best Regional Bank Stocks for Dividend Investing

In light of the 2008 financial crisis, many investors have been hesitant to dip their toes back...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

How Does IBM Make Money?

Founded in 1911, the International Business Machines Corporation (IBM ) is one of the oldest and...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

The Carl Icahn Effect: A Primer on Activist Investors

Carl Icahn is arguably the most famous activist investor of his time, if not all time. The...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Is Wal-Mart's Stock Recession Proof? (WMT)

Wal-Mart (WMT ) is one of the more unique stocks on Wall Street, not only because it is one of...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Seven Surprising Facts about Nike Inc. (NKE)

[Updated March 1, 2018 by Sam Bourgi] Nike Inc. (NKE ) is one of the most famous sports and...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Carnival Cruise Disasters: How the Stock Price Reacted

Over the years, Carnival Corporation (CCL ) has seen its fair share of misfortune when it comes...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Sears' History: A Visual Narrative of Mergers & Spinoffs

Founded in 1983, Sears (SHLD ) has done a lot with its business, but it has never paid a...

Investor Resources

Most Followed Dividend-Paying Companies on Twitter

For most bellwether companies, reputation is everything – a company’s brand recognition has...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

NASDAQ Dividends: History, Yields, Payers, and More

The NASDAQ 100 is an index that is focused primarily on Technology and Services stocks. Companies...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

5 Big Mergers and Their Battle with Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws, or competition laws, were created to protect consumers against unfair business...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Coca Cola Company Vs. Bottlers: A Dividend Comparison

Coca-Cola is by far the biggest soft drink name in the world. Its roots began in 1886, when John...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

International Sales Breakdown: Apple, Ford & More

While many investors seek foreign stocks to diversify their portfolio, it can get complicated and...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Never Judge a Stock By Its Coverage

Estimates and stock ratings from big-name analysts and institutions can have a major impact on...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

7 Surprising Facts About The Walt Disney Company

Founded in 1923, The Walt Disney Company (DIS ) is by far one of the largest and most popular...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Coca Cola Vs. Pepsi: Comparing Sales, Earnings & More

[UPDATED: AUGUST 10, 2017]

The Coca-Cola Company (KO) and PepsiCo (PEP) are two of the premier...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Diebold: Behind the Most Consistent Dividend Payer Ever

Diebold (DBD ) may not be the most popular stock in the investing world, but it certainly has...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

General Motors (GM) Recalls 2014: A Complete List

For General Motors (GM ), 2014 was a rough year as far as vehicle recalls. In the first half of...

Popular Articles

Premium Debt%20image

Avoiding Dividend Blowups by Avoiding Corporate Debt

Here at, we’ve often talked about the side effects of low interest rates on...

Dividend Investing Ideas Center

Dividend History of the Financials Sector

When it comes to investing in stocks, no sector quite compares to financials. This segment of the...

Premium Natural%20resources

Natural Resource Dividends Could Be Rising in the New Year

There are plenty of sectors over the last year that look like roller coasters. From tech to real...

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