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The Market Glance for April 23: Market Is Concerned About Dip in Consumer Confidence

It will be an action-packed week as investors will be busy analyzing many important corporate...

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A Big Surge and a Big Fall

From the Federal Reserve’s point of view, things are going great. The economy is expanding,...

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The Market Wrap for April 20: Surging Oil Price Caps Bullish Sentiment

The week started with the Dow surging to impress investors, but increasing oil prices prompted...

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Looking for Dividend Growth? Get Stuck in the Middle

Ask any dividend investor what kind of stocks fill their portfolios and there’s a good chance...

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Get Ready for ‘Mixed Economic Signals’

Data. In the long run, it’s one thing that can truly move the market.

How investors react and...


Microsoft Corporation: Gaining Market Share from Amazon’s Cloud Services

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT ) develops, manufactures, licenses and sells computer software,...

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Private Equity Makes a Tax Change

The corporate world has been cheering the Republican tax plan since it was first signed in...

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Growing Regional Bank With More Than 20 Years of Dividend-Paying History Enters Best Dividend Stocks List

Dividend.com has added a community bank to the Best Dividend Stocks List and removed a regional...

Premium Shutterstock 244656451

Momo Is a No-Go

If there’s been one constant over the last few years, it’s been that “growth” has beaten “value”...

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Phillips 66 Moves up a Spot on Most Watched Stocks List as Oil Gets Traction

Last week was all about the ‘Oil Trade’ as crude oil rallied for 5 straight sessions.

The U.S...


Putnam Master Intermediate Income Sees a 3.85% Decrease in Dividend

Every day, companies across the globe announce upcoming dividend payouts. You can find the...


Colgate-Palmolive Company Increases Dividend by 5%

Each day, companies across the globe announce upcoming dividend payouts. In our Dividend Payout...


Procter & Gamble Co Leads 30 Stocks Going Ex-Dividend This Week

There are 30 stocks going ex-dividend this week starting Monday, April 16. For income investors...

Premium Shutterstock 393693301

The Market Glance for April 16: High Hopes for the U.S. Banking Sector

There will be a decent amount of economy-related data releases this week, but investors will...

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Global Dividends: Welcome to the Trillion Dollar Club

One of the best things about using equities to derive a portion of your income is that dividends...

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Trade War Is Bad for the U.S. Economy but Not for U.S. Steel

Despite economists saying this protectionist trade policy will cost the U.S. economy thousands of...


Trending: Penalty-Hit HSBC Tries a Novel Way to Spot Money Laundering

Dividend.com analyzes the search patterns of our visitors each week. By sharing these trends with...

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Low Rates Are Changing Retirement Behavior

Thanks to the severity of the Great Recession and financial crisis, some extraordinary measures...

Premium Tradewar

No Trade War, Thank You

You have to give President Trump credit. He really sticks to his guns and edict about putting “...

Premium Shutterstock 653321206

Will Trump’s Tariffs Help Steel Stocks?

If there has been one sector that hasn’t really received any love from investors over the last...


Would Intel Bounce Back If It Were to Lose Apple’s MacBook Business?

Intel Corporation (INTC ) is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with products in...

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Safety & Identification Solution Expert With 32 Years of Dividend Growth Added to Best Dividend Stocks List

Dividend.com has added an industrial technology firm to the Best Dividend Stocks List and removed...

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As Consumer Staples Holds Steady, Kellogg’s Moves up on Most Watched Stocks List

As the Dow cracked 572 points on Friday, there were two sectors that stood tall, consumer goods...


Franklin Street Properties Corp Decreases Dividend by 53%

Every day, companies across the globe announce upcoming dividend payouts. You can find the...

Premium Inventories

Inventories Are Showing Great Times Ahead

The current times are pretty confusing for investors.

On one hand, there are plenty of...

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Premium Berkshire%20hathaway%20logo

The Chances for a Berkshire Hathaway Dividend Are Growing

We all know that classic Wall Street saying, “Cash is king.” But sometimes, too much cash on hand...

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The Market Wrap for May 18: 10-Year Treasury Yield Went Up a Notch

The Q1 earnings season delivered some great results, but the interest rate hikes are slowly...

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Dividend Funds vs. Dividend Stocks

A very popular topic with investors, especially when it comes to discussing stocks, is dividends....

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