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U.S. President Donald Trump’s pro-defense policies have already pushed up the aerospace & defense stocks by more than a double-digit percentage since he came to power.

Will the rally sustain?

Dividend.com Premium members seem to think so, as last week major aerospace & defense stocks saw a steady climb in the Most Watched Stocks List.

3 primary reasons why this sector has been flying:

  • Military spending is about to get a 10% Trump bump, which translates to more top-line growth.
  • The sector was a cost-cutting machine in recent years, with flat growth for the last five years before Trump came to power. The only way it could remain profitable was through cost cutting. Now, improved margins and higher top-line growth means more cash that companies can distribute for dividend payouts.
  • The Trump administration has already flexed its military might by launching an ‘MOAB’ and continuing with its military strikes in Syria. Investors expect such flexing to continue under Trump’s leadership.

Last week, three major aerospace and defense stocks saw steady climbs in the Most Watched Stocks List. Other major moves were seen in Mattel (MAT ) as investors dumped it after its latest dividend cut. Wal-Mart (WMT ) continued to show strength, which had started a couple of weeks ago.

A company that has increased its dividend by a record 60 years in a row also saw some buying interest as its yield entered the >3% mark.

Our Most Watched Stocks List is a user-generated, interest-based ranking of dividend-paying stocks. Generated by our Premium members’ watchlists, it’s aggregated and ranked by the most-watched criteria.

The list is designed to help income investors navigate the top dividend stocks being tracked by one of the world’s most advanced investing communities, giving you a real-time snapshot of buying interest in the market.

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