Market Wrap-Up for Mar.11 (DKS, AAPL, TUP, GE, INTU, more)

Market Wrap-Up for Mar.11 (DKS, AAPL, TUP, GE, INTU, more)


Market participants were feeling a bit of sluggishness early on, as tends to be the case when daylight savings time begins. However, buyers once again used the slow time to add to positions.

As the first quarter continues to wind down, earnings releases are coming fewer and further between. One earnings report that is making headlines came from Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS), whose shares ended lower following the company’s latest results. Also in the headlines was Apple (AAPL), with the latest data for smartphone sales in China showing Samsung becoming the big player in the region. Numbers indicate that Apple is a distant third in market share in China. The stock was able to shake off some early selling to finish higher by the close.

Finally, Wall Street analysts may have been a bit grumpy as well with the time change, as we saw downgrades push stocks like Tupperware (TUP), Intuit (INTU) and General Electric (GE) lower.

Don’t Throw Any Days Away

For decades (even in this new internet 24/7 world) we have been hearing about the “working for the weekend” mantra. There is even a catchy rock tune by Loverboy with that exact title (ah, the ’80s). Plenty of energy is ramped up for the weekends of course. Many like to wind down the batteries (myself included to a degree) and have an extra hop in their step come Friday. On those days we can often see glimmers of energy we sometimes don’t see the rest of the week. Fast forward to Mondays and what we often see is the complete opposite.

In a world that moves at a hyper speed, “losing” days can really begin to add up. Whether it means not looking at investment opportunities or following up on business/career opportunities, people are certainly not presenting the best version of themselves every day. We all know not much life-changing things get done on weekends, but you’d be surprised of the prep work you can do that can set up more of your weeks to be as productive as possible.

All I know is the more days you begin to throw away during the work week, the tougher it’ll be for you to ever reach peak performance. It’s easy to want to turn your brain off on the weekends, but with a balanced plan time-wise, work you get done on the weekends can feel very un-work-like.

Here’s one example to get you motivated: when we first set out to acquire the domain name we use for our site today, the first foray into those negotiations began on the weekend. So as you can see, inserting a little bit of work into your weekend plans can go a long way!

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